Monday, November 23, 2009

Songs of Len Francis Monahan: A Unique American Independent-Artist

The music of Len Francis Monahan - "Songs of Len Francis Monahan - A Unique American Independent Artist" - released in the United States has become available on ITunes UK.

Mr. Monahan's music has an original "Ohio Sound" borne out of his early life experiences in Toledo, Ohio, America's Industrial Belt and rich farm region. The music consists of strong melodies, intelligent lyrics, and is multi-themed with rich poetic imagery.

World Airwave Music announces the re-release of "Being Alone for Christmas" & "Christmas Lullaby"

Len Francis Monahan’s Christmas songs were recorded in Toledo, Ohio and first released as a double-sided 45 rpm. They received worldwide airplay but fell out of production until 1995 when they were re-released for limited production.

“Being Alone for Christmas” and “Christmas Lullaby” continued to be played year after year. Now these songs have become available to the public in modern digital format on, Itunes and other major retail outlets.

We anticipate these lovely songs shall touch the hearts of a whole new worldwide audience.

World Airwave Music “Christmas Classics”